The Ladies of the Yard

Meet our chickens!

Oh, little Luna Dune! She is our "chicken" and the last one in the pecking order. She had a rough start. What we thought was her getting picked on by the others was really that she had Coryza and was a sick baby. But she is a survivor and is turning into a beautiful girl. She is our Olive Egger giving us beautiful sage green eggs. She is the vocal one of the group and is always has something to say. 

Oh, my silly Thyme! She is a Barred Rock. The ultimate photo bomber, unless there are treats! She is the most curious out of the flock. She is forever pecking at my shoes, clothes, and wedding ring. She has no qualms about jumping up on you when are sitting down and getting a closer view of you. Her pecking order is third, our little Miss Neutral.

 Mrs. Babcock! You have to say it in a British accent to get the full effect. She is a Rhode Island Red. She is stand offish but has a bit more "guts" than Luna. She is in low end of the pecking order right above Luna so you guess it they are BFFs! They are always not far from each other. They free range together, eat together, always roost by each other. 

 New Girls In the Coop!

 As you all know you just sometimes do not always get girls when it comes to chickens! Our city laws do not allow Roosters in city limits, so two of our fluffy butts had to go back out to the country. So we added two more girls to the coop.

Meet Miss Prissy Fluffinbottom. She is a White Leghorn. She is a bit skittish and rightly so! She and her buddy Ebbie (below) came into the coop later So they have tough competition against the 3 head ladies. 

Meet Ebbie Loo Who. She is another mix breed or Marans and Ameracuana. She is so different looking with her tuffs on her cheeks and her long neck, I thought she looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. 


 The "Girls" that were "Boys."
These two sweeties ended up being Roos. They now reside out from where they came from at our friend's farm. We miss them but know that they are only a visit away!


Sheila Menendez said...

What a cute flock you have! Any crowing yet?

Heather Dreier said...

Why yes Sheila, Isabelle started crowing the week before Christmas. She is now been named "Ivan."

Tizzy said...

What beautiful girls. They look so pretty. Mine look like convicts in a line up when they're all together.