October 1, 2012

An older blog, but a goodie!

The Birds

(I saved this blog from four years ago. Gosh am I glad. Look at how little my children were. Devin is now 21 and married. Avin is 13, Lavinia is 8, and Liam is going to be 7 in two months. What a save this was!)

Not too far from our house is a great place to feed birds. Primarily there are domestic ducks and a few wild ones. However at this time of the year the Canada Geese and the Mallard ducks seem to be the big residents. Despite my dislike of birds, I do enjoy Canada Geese. I think they are absolutely beautiful. This particular Saturday we picked up Devin from his Mom's house and went to lunch. Then we took our stale bread to the pond. When we arrived, there was another person with the same idea so the group of birds were already gathered feasting. The kids were excited and yet a little apprehensive. Much to my dismay with the beautiful ducks and geese, came the "sky rats." For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, a sky rat is a seagull. Obviously, I do not not hold a high regard for them.

As we proceeded to throw the bread and goodies to the birds, I bent over to toss some to a goose who caught my eye. At that time, I felt something hit my back end. I reached around with my hand, and "Squish!" I had received an aerial attack to my back. Apparently the seagulls sensed my dislike for them and retaliated. Yep, Seagull poop on my butt and hand! Devin of course got a big kick out of that, and took a picture of it:

See Exhibit A------------->
Luck for me I had tissue and hand wash with us. However, I could not wait to get home and scrub my hands. Avian Flu anyone? Once this happened, everyone with hoods put them up or as Liam did raised his shirt over his head. Avin stated "Bombs away!" Cute? He thinks so.

Watch out falling Poop!

Will this stop us from feeding our wildlife? Probably not, the kids loved it. But we knew it was time to go when the little ones started trying to catch the geese.

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