October 31, 2012

It is Halloween!

Our front door. I am a big Poe fan!

Bats, cats, witches and treats, Oh My! I love Halloween! When asked what is my favorite holiday, many assume I would say Christmas. Nope. It is Halloween. What is it that makes me love this day so much? I really do not have one concrete answer. Maybe it is because it arrives with Fall, my favorite season. Maybe because I have a dramatic flair and dressing in costume reminds me of my old theater days. I don't really know. I love it all.
When I say Halloween beats Christmas in my book, I get some strange looks. Especially since I am a Christian woman. Halloween is not viewed as a mainstream "Christian" practice. However, if you know your history of Halloween, you will know that October 31 is really about warding off evil and protecting yourself from it. The folk lore is fascinating to read. For example, dressing in costume. This is suppose to confuse the evil spirits/ghosts who are suppose to walk the earth today, in thinking you are one of them. The Jack-o-Lantern, once again to scare off evil spirits from your home. 
This year I have been a bit off my Halloween game. Sad, I know. It seems today just flew here. Plus illness has struck our home, nothing major thank goodness! But illness has arrived, despite my efforts. For the past two weeks everyone in the house has suffered some sort malady except for me. But wouldn't you know who gets it last night? Yep, Me. Oh, the injustice of being sick on my favorite holiday! So maybe instead of "Bats, Cats, Witches, and Treats" it will be "Tissues, Soup, Thermometer and Sleep."

My Halloween tree. Notice I used up those Sweet Gum pods. Which are also known as "Witches Burrs!
Our mantle. I used a black feather boa and attached Vintage Halloween cards on it.


Mindie said...

Love th mantel!!!

Jenny said...

I loved that poem too, second only to Annabel Lee. I also appreciated you sharing your perspective on what can be a controversial holiday. My family didn't celebrate for years because it was considered "evil" but a few years ago I came across an article that stated the very things that you mentioned. I really enjoy celebrating, mainly I think because we overlooked it for so many years. Hope you all have a great evening! Your decorations are beautiful.