October 6, 2012

Your Trash. My Treasures!

One man's trash is another man's treasure. How true! I love to look for things that I can reuse. The thrill I get as I scour through garage sales and second hand stores searching for bargains of happiness. Here are some of new finds:

 I added a bit of fall to around our chicken coop. The barrel was a great find. I made the chicken wire pumpkins from left over coop wire. The Scarecrow and Mum just welcomes Fall.

Of course if I find something "chicken" I have to buy it. This is an old candy dish. This hen proudly sits on my kitchen counter.



My vintage goodie!
 I love all things vintage. Of course the fact that a chicken is on the front is a bonus, however it has a sentimental value too. I use 
to play this same game at my Grandparent's
home as a child. The best part of this find was the seller gave it to me FREE!

My last little collection is a little red shelf with a doily, a handmade prim Raggedy Ann doll, and the cute handmade "Welcome Angel sign." I just could not let these cuties not have a new home!

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