January 15, 2013

Bread Making + Me= EPIC FAIL!

 Today starts the day when we ladies at Farm Chick Chit Chat kick off the "Bread Bake Off." My first initial thought was "o.k, I don't like to bake, but I can do this." I love to cook. Give me some spices, and an apron and I can whip any culinary delight. I got this covered. Or so I thought. My bread is now sitting in our compost bin. Our chickens would not even touch it. Yes, it was pretty awful!

First let me say that I understand the scientific process of bread making. I get the whole idea behind it. The interaction of the yeast, the rising, the kneading etc. Yet I have never made bread. Granted I have made banana bread, pumpkin bread, and  zucchini bread, homemade pretzels, and even homemade cinnamon rolls.  The cinnamon rolls and pretzels required the same "thinking" of making a loaf of bread, right?

So the what the ding dong heck did I do wrong? I have a few ideas:

  1. I got too big for my britches. After reading recipes, upon recipes, making bread seemed pretty easy. Ha!
  2. I wanted to make a "healthy" bread and used Spelt flour. I never worked with it before. I mean come on it is wheat.
  3. I was doing five million things at the time it rose, and I punched it down like the recipe said. But I admit, I let it rise again and again, before I did anything with it. 
  4. I think I over kneaded it? Is that possible? It has to be.
  5. My oven is psycho. If it says bake something at 375 degrees, I have to set my temperature at 300 degrees. Because of this I have to "watch" things in the oven very carefully. Oh, did I mention I was doing five million things at once?
  6. And maybe,  just maybe I am not meant to make bread? Is there some unforeseen force out there that knows this and does not want me to expel my energy in this type of venue? 
So, until I master this art of bread making, which was not going to happen by today, I was not going to let my fellow Farm Chicks down. I was going to contribute something doggone it!

Here it is: 

 Can you just smell it? The most delicious tasting, healthy alternative. Yep! It is "Aunt Millie's 100% Whole Wheat and Whole Grain bread." She makes the best store bought bread ever!*sigh*

Do not worry, I am not "done" attacking this bread adventure. Even if I have to purchase a new oven or a bread machine, It is On! I will overcome!



Janet said...

funny! always good to add a dash of humor to our cooking and baking. You did just that.

Faith said...

I like to make bread, and you can do it... not rocket science. I have a recipe over at my place..

you can't miss with this one...looking forward to your next post about bread...baking ;)