March 1, 2013

Smelly Goods! Review of Lally Broch Scent Shots.

Aromatherapy is one of my loves.  My house always has candles, warming tarts or oils burning somewhere. But I will admit when it comes to what smells I have in my house, I am a bit of a "Smelly Good Snob." There are only a few products that I have found that "meet" my standards. See? Snobby!

A few weeks ago our friends over at Lally Broch Farms asked us to do a test run of their new "Scent Shots." Even though I have products I love, I was very willing to help our friends out. Boy, am I glad I did! I loved how they packaged them. Lally Broch provided great information on how to best use the product,  and the description of ingredients were labeled.

I also received a little bonus in my package too. How fun! They sent me a sample of their Goat Milk soap. I have really wonky skin. Prone to dryness, allergic reactions, and I have two patches of psoriasis that I battle with. Guess what? My skin is loving this soap! It lathers well, and is rich. The scent Maine Woods has a great earthy smell that my whole family loves. My husband and I will never buy "store soap" again. You can order all these awesome products here.

Lally Broch uses soy and essentials oils so that was a major plus in my book. Gotta keep it as natural as possible. Like I said, I received my smelly goodness a few weeks ago. By now "normal" tart melts lose their scent. NOT these! I am still getting amazing fragrance from these, and I melt them everyday. I chose two scents, Mediterranean Dreams and Flower Child. Oh, be still my heart, nose!

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Sheila Menendez said...

Oh, after my own nose, er, I mean heart! Isn't the Flower Child the BEST! So long-lasting, not overpowering, and easy to use. I need to write my review. I'm enjoying her goods on a daily basis! I'll definitely be ordering scent shots!