October 11, 2012


Fall brings such a wonderful bounty. It is my favorite season. It is also the time when my bird house gourds have completely dried out. Gourds are such a cool art medium to use. I love to create with things that are as close as possible to nature. There are numerous things you can do with these gourds. My favorite is to make bowls and jewelry out of them. It is a task that can be a bit messy, but so fun. This year my children got into the spirit of gourd art. They have helped me clean and sand the pieces. I think they are just excited to be allowed to "break" something! 

 These are just a few samples of what I do with the gourds. These are mostly going to turn into pins. However, I can create pieces for pendants too. Ideas come to me as I shape the gourds, however, I can do custom pieces. Prices vary from $5 to $10. Custom pieces are priced accordingly. If you are interested in purchasing please email me at heddielynn@gmail.com.
My children, Liam 6, and Lavinia 8 not only had fun breaking and sanding the gourds, they wanted to create too. Lavinia did the upper right corner Christmas tree and the multicolored one on the far right. I love that one. Liam was more "inspired" and created the rest. My favorite of his is the bottom one with the green and red "dots. That is his Strawberry field. However he is pretty proud of the upper brown one, that is his Aardvark. I think we have budding artists on our hands.

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