October 10, 2012

Summer's Last Hoorah!

Spiderwort, look at the two new buds.

This evening as my husband was putting winter door on our chicken coop, I was amazed at how some of our garden plants are still thriving. It is October, right? Maybe it has something to do with the rain we have had. Making up for the dry, hot Summer. Or could it be that we live in Northwest Ohio? Our  weather can change at the drop of a hat! Fall is definitely here, with chilly days and cold nights for the past week. But our posies are hanging in there.  Regardless of the "why," I will continue to enjoy the last push of color and beauty Summer has to offer.

A Dianthus flower. I have six of these annual plants that are adding flowers everyday.

Dexter FitzMitten taking a "Kitty Zen" moment.

Our Japanese Koi pond was the best it has ever been this year. There were a few times we had to thin out and give away our pond Hibiscus plants to family. The aquatic palm  has new shoots on it too. Look you can even see the a new Hosta flower!  We have eight Koi in our pond which our cat Dexter loves to watch over!
A gift for today.

This what amazes me the most. Our water Hibiscus flowered today. I am in awe of this. These plants should be completely done at this time of the year. What a gift to see today!

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