October 23, 2012

Sewing Jars

Do you have left over Canning jars from this year's canning adventures? If so, do not let them sit on the shelf, do something with them. There is a ton of things you can use these jars for. All you have to do is go to your favorite Search Engine and type in "Canning Jars" and the ideas are limitless. Here is what I did with my little jelly jars.

I made a Sewing Jar. My space is limited so my sewing stuff is stored on a shelf in our basement. I only bring it out when I am actually going to work on a sewing project. So looking for a needle and thread is not always convenient. I have my jar in the kitchen for those times when I need to make a quick fix. These are super easy to make and great to use up your fabric scraps.

Here is what you need:

-Small Jar
-Fabric scraps
-Styrofoam ball or floral ball
-Sewing items:  Pre-thread needles, pins, buttons etc. I actually put a mini sewing kit into mine.
-Knife to cut the Styrofoam ball in half to fit down into the canning ring.
-Hot Glue gun. Used to glue the fabric over the cut ball and then to glue it to the canning lid *Watch out so you do not burn your fingers!*
-Scissors or Pinking Shears. To cut extra fabric around the lid. Normally I use Pinking shears for a more decorative edge, but alas, mine are missing in action.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

Really clever idea! I was intrigued with the title, and I may just make one to have handy outside of the sewing room. Thanks!