October 10, 2012

Willow Vs. Chickens

"On Point"
Oh, the sweet vision of Noah's Ark or the Lion laying with the lamb is my wish  for my animal family. However, that is idealistic when it comes to my dog and our chickens. It is my dog Willow's purpose in life to torment our backyard girls. Willow is a Weimaraner. Her breed is what they call a "HPR" meaning Weims were bred to hunt, point and retrieve. They are highly intelligent, loving dogs. So I cannot completely blame her for the need to get the chickens. It is in her nature.We have had our chickens for over a month and a half. By now you would think she would get bored with them. Oh, No! If I even make the "ch" sound she is at the back door whining to get out. If I even go to the back door, she is running like a crazed beast to beat me there. When I leave her in the house to feed or let the girls out, it is the end of the world. She becomes the dog "Marley" in the book/movie "Marley and Me."  Because of her intelligence I know she can overcome this obsession. We are working with her daily, giving the command "Leave it!" and rewarding her. But as soon as we go back in the house and it is her "time" to go back out all the training is out the window. She is on "Mission Get the Chickens!" 

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Kim said...

We have a Great Pyrenees. BRED TO GUARD ANIMALS. Will NOT stop tormenting the chickens. Every time they come out of the coop, he acts like he's never seen them before and goes nutso running around the yard.

The chicks, however, already ignore him, so that's pretty funny.