December 1, 2012

Ninjabread Cookies

Well I cannot take 100% credit for these fun little guys. My hubby and I were out shopping and came across these fun cookie cutters at our local Big Lots store. Of course we just HAD to have them for a few reasons.
  1.  My husband is a martial artist and has been for over 28 years.
  2.  I love cookie cutters and collect them. The more unique the better!
  3. My kids are really into Lego Ninjago at the moment.
  4. I love to cook. However, regardless of my aspirations to become the "Cake Boss" baking is NOT my forte. So, I am trying to embrace baking by adding a bit of fun. (As you can see my hubby and kids were doing most of the work. I am getting there!)
How could I not get these, so quirky, so us! Of course we had to "set" them up after they were done in "action packed" scenarios. Can I get a "HI-YA?"

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