December 5, 2012

*Update* On Willow vs. The Chickens: We have success!

 Let there be peace on earth, or at least in our backyard!
We knew that having a "bird dog" and getting chickens may be a conflict of interest. However, we have success! I joke that it is a holiday miracle, but after three months of a LOT of getting to know you, training, and positive reinforcement, our Weimaraner Willow no longer wants to eat the Ladies of the yard! However she still becomes a hot barking jealous mess any time I go out with ladies and do not include her, but I will take it!
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"What do you mean you are going to bed?

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Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

Yay! What a beautiful dog. Your patience/training has paid off clearly. Life is easier when everyone gets along.