July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America! A four day celebration.

Yes, "technically" the holiday was yesterday. However, our new town, well actually it is a village,  celebrates the fourth of July for a total of four days. The festivities started on Wednesday and ends tomorrow with a firework show that I am told is awesome. What is even better is that we can sit on our back deck and watch them. The boxes from the move are unpacked, (well mostly) the house is in order, perfect timing for our official first party at our new "country digs!"

Of course I had to do a bit of decorating for the holiday/party today. Just something fun to utilize some of the items I already had laying around in my arts and crafts stuff. It is amazing what you find when you pack up a whole house to move!

A fun banner on the fireplace using scrapbook paper, burlap ribbon and embellishments. The center rosette is made from my collection of cupcake liners. (Kate from Farmhouse 38 and I share a crazy fetish for them. Right Kate?)

Banner at a distance. Sorry about the glare, I have two windows that are on both sides.
Toilet paper roll firecrackers. Who does not have a bunch of these? Especially if you have kids. Super easy to make! See how I did it below...

To add the wire I just combined a few pieces together, poked a hole into the circle and taped it to the bottom. Then I curled the wire and added silver star sequins.

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